Friday, March 28, 2014

Auto Upholstery Bay Area - 1922 Studebaker Convertible Top and Winglets - Cooks Upholstery and Classic Restoration Redwood City 650-364.0923

This is going to be a fun project. A 1922 Studebaker.  We are doing a new top with side winglets.

Here is the Studebaker Administration Building in the 1920's

the last stages of final assembly


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Auto Upholstery Bay Area - 1953 Mercury Interior restoration - Cooks Upholstery and Classic Restoration Redwood City 650-364.0923

We are redoing the interior of this 1953 Mercury.

Ford Motor Company was the only maker to introduce completely new styling for 1952 and Mercury received the same sort of tight, clean lines as that year’s Lincoln. Wheelbase was unchanged.  The flathead V-8 was retained with power boosted to 125 hp by a higher compression ratio.  This new styling with refinements was carried over in 1953 along with some model shuffling, and emerged with two series; the Custom and the Monterey.  Monterey’s were the upscale models, Mercury’s had an interesting dashboard with aircraft-type toggle levers for heating and ventilation flanking a central gauge cluster.


Friday, March 14, 2014

Auto Upholstery Bay Area - Ferrari 599GTO Dash Cluster Repair - Cooks Upholstery and Classic Restoration Redwood City 650-364.0923

This Ferrari 599 GTO's Instrument Cluster Interior Repair - Only at Cooks Upholstery - We are redoing the upholstery that is drooping under the top of the instrument cluster - The auto upholstery shop for Ferrari of Silicon Valley

A mix of old school tuning and modern electronics makes the Ferrari 599 GTO one of the greatest-ever V12s - and perhaps one of the last.

Ferrari 599 GTO: reviewed May 15, 2010

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Auto Upholstery Bay Area - VW Beetle Convertible Replacement - Cooks Upholstery and Classic Restoration Redwood City 650-364.0923

We are doing this top on the Volkswagen Beetle Convertible. - This is in  pretty  bad shape

Volkswagen fans recently learned that 2010 would be the last year of production for the current New Beetle Coupe and Convertible, after a successful 12-year production run. Now while 12 years of the same basic car may be an eternity in modern times, it pales in comparison to the legendary longevity of the New Beetle's inspiration, its namesake predecessor. The original Volkswagen was built in soft-top form from the late 1940s through 1979, and the last Super Beetle Convertibles were sold in America in 1980 for an impressive $6,800.

The Super Beetle dated back to 1971, and was distinguished by its coil spring and MacPherson strut front suspension, which allowed a flat spare tire placement and more luggage space under a taller front trunklid. In 1973, the Super Beetle received a taller, curved windshield backed by a modern-style padded dashboard, side impact protection door bars and larger taillamps. Electronically controlled Bosch Air Flow Control fuel injection raised the 1,585cc engine's horsepower to 48 in 1975, and standard full carpeting, a rear window defogger, dash woodgrain appliqué and two-coat metallic paint would give the soft-top a mini luxury-car feel. A series of paint and trim special editions were unveiled in the late 1970s--''Triple White,'' ''Champagne Edition'' and ''Epilog''--and the last Karmann-built soft-top bug rolled off the line on January 10, 1980, then headed straight into Volkswagen's AutoMuseum in Wolfsburg.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Auto Upholstery Bay Area - Cleaning Door Jambs, Floor Mats and Mirrors - Cooks Upholstery and Classic Restoration Redwood City 650-364.0923

Some of the places on your car that collect the most dirt and grime are often the most avoided areas when detailing your car. None-the-less, they are imperative to your monthly car care routine and should be given extra car during the car detailing process.
Door panels/door jams
After you’ve washed and waxed your cars’ exterior, you should come to the door jambs.. Door jambs have several purposes. They contain the parts that are necessary to open and shut the car doors and windows. The door jambs also protect the interior of the car and the passengers from rain, sun, snow, and wind. Due to this protection, dirt, oil and other grime will collect in the door jambs and continue to build up over time, which can cause serious damage to the functioning parts of your window and door apparatuses. Along with cleaning the door jambs you should also give the same treatment to the trunk jambs and the gas door. During your monthly car care routine you will only need to wipe the door jambs down or rinse them, to remove dust and other grime. But during your professional car detailing routine you will need to do much more than just wipe them. Wash them thoroughly with a degreasing soap specifically designed for automotive cleaning. This can be purchased, along with them other car cleaning items, at a local car repair and parts center.  The cleaning process is relatively simple. Use an old toothbrush to clean in tight areas. Once cleaned you should dry the areas using a soft cloth or microfiber towel, then apply a small amount of wax to the areas, avoiding the rubber seal and other parts.  And now your door jambs will look shiny and new, like the exterior paint does.
Door Panels
For door panels you can simply vacuum and shampoo the fabric covered panels as you do your cars’ upholstery. Use an old toothbrush with a little water and soap to clean around the window cranks (or buttons) and the door handles. For leather and vinyl door panels wash with the same cleaner and protectant you use on the interior seats.

Floor Mats
Floor mats are often overlooked during the car detailing process, mostly car owners simply shake off any dirt and return them to the car. However, they are very easy to clean. Plastic and rubber floor mats can simply be hosed off and washed with soap and water and a scrub brush then left to dry in the sunshine. For floor mats covered with fabric or carpet, simply shake any excess dirt out and vacuum them well. Then shampoo them with the carpet shampoo you have purchased at the car repair and parts shop to clean your interior carpet with. Use spot and stain removers on heavy spots. Use a good cloth for scrubbing the heavily soiled areas, with a light amount of warm water. Now your car floor mats look as clean as your interior carpet and will not be an eye-sore to an otherwise meticulously cleaned car.
Cleaning the mirrors of your car requires little effort and is extraordinarily simple. Rather than using household glass cleaners, you can simply use two towels, a little warm water or white vinegar. On one of the towels dampen it lightly with the warm water or vinegar. Then just wipe the mirrors well to remove dust and spots. Using the dry towel, wipe the mirrors again until they are completely dry and spot free.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Auto Headliner Repair - Redwood City - Jaguar XKR Headliner Repair - Cooks Upholstery & Classic Restoration Rewood City - 650-364.0923

Here is a Jaguar Headliner Project we are doing

Jaguar coupes and convertibles have a long history, starting with the iconic E-Type or XKE. It has been lusted after since its introduction in 1961, appearing on teenage boys' bedroom walls, grown men's garages and in movies like the Austin Powers series, where it served as the international man of mystery's Shaguar.
After 22 years of the unloved XJS coupe, Jaguar revived the XK name and spirit in the late 1990s with the stunning XK8 coupe and convertible. Powered by an all-new 290-horsepower V8, it was quick and capable of keeping up with the best of the sub-$100,000 luxury coupe rivals of the time.