Thursday, April 10, 2014

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Ever hear of a Rossion  We are doing the interior door on this car.

The Rossion is proportioned like a car drawn in the margins of a teenage boy’s notebook – a long wheelbase with a long front overhang and the rear wheels pushed out to the corners, the roofline impossibly low and an abundance of scoops to cool the car’s ancillaries. The Rossion’s minimalist styling could almost make it a generic supercar used in an insurance commercial, but it’s also much more restrained than the very 1990s styling of the Noble, with its bulbous haunches and the aluminum wing that is biased towards form rather than function.
Nevertheless, the Rossion’s design is restrained and handsome, even if it’s not too distinctive. The most striking thing about the Q1 is its compact dimensions – with only a 96-inch wheelbase and a 162-inch overall length, the Rossion is about 8-inches shorter than the original Porsche Boxster. In an era where our supercars are constantly growing larger, the Rossion’s tiny footprint is a welcome change.
by Derek Kreindler

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