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Car Upholstery Repair Tips

If the interior of your car is not looking like it's seen better days it may be time for some car upholstery repair. Whether it's a stain in your seat from a spilled drink or a foul odor from one of your pets, there are some simple and easy steps to get the inside of your car looking and smelling new again.
The first step is determining what type of material your car's upholstery is. In most cases it will either be: cloth, leather, vinyl, or velour. Each material has its benefits and drawbacks. For example, it's easier to clean up a soda spill on leather or vinyl, but fixing a puncture is easier with cloth or velour upholstery.
The next step is addressing the type of problem you are trying to fix. Some of the more common repairs include: mud stains, spills, cigarette burns, holes, pet stains, etc. And, make sure before you get started to remove all trash in the vehicle and vacuum it out.
Always try to clean up spills as soon as you can. The sooner you get to treating them, the less there is that the stain will be there for good. Use a cotton rag or paper towels to dab at the spill and try to get up as much as possible. Then take a towel, damp with warm water, and dab at the area some more. If that doesn't remove it, purchase some upholstery cleaner at your local hardware store.
To treat holes and punctures, it's best to either purchase a kit or have it repaired by a professional. Holes in the upholstery aren't as easy to fix and there is also a good chance you could do even more damage if you don't know what you are doing.

by Alan Lero

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