Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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Cleaning car leather

A car leather is very delicate, so it's best to use a good product specially formulated for cleaning leather seats. Some leather care products make the leather more shiny or slippery. Other products can make it sticky or tacky, so before using it, test a product in a small area to see if you like it. Don't use paper towels on leather, they can leave scratches; use a soft clean cotton towel instead. 
Cleaning leather-wrapped steering wheel
Be careful with the leather-wrapped steering wheel and shifter knob as some of the leather care products can make them slippery or sticky. I personally don't use any products on my steering wheel and a shifter knob, I just clean them with clean and barely moist cotton towel. If you use any leather care products on your steering wheel, make sure that it is not slippery before you drive.
Cleaning car leather seats
Vacuum leather seat crevices with the soft brush attachment - be careful, as the vacuum hose can easily scratch the leather.
Cleaning car leather seats
Spray some leather cleaner agent on the soft clean cotton towel.
Cleaning car leather seats
Wipe the seat gently, reaching into crevices and around the edges. 
Here I used a two-in-one leather cleaner/conditioner. If you have just a cleaner, apply a conditioner later to protect the leather.


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