Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dash Board Restoration Bay Area - 1999 Ferrari F355 - Cooks Upholstery Redwood City 650-364.0923

The F355 was originally launched as a replacement to the 348 in 1994 with two models - the GTS and the Berlinetta. The Spider came a year later. This article describes the options that were available and the various special editions that were produced during the manufacturing period.

F1 Gearbox

In 1997, Ferrari launched the 355F1. The 'F' was dropped from the model designation for this model, presumably because F355F1 sounded a bit ridiculous. The F1 gearbox is not an automatic. It is a manual gearbox complete with clutch, which is hydraulically controlled such that moving either the up or down shift paddle carries out all of the same actions as in a manual car, except it is controlled by computer and is done in around 150ms. This produces astonishingly fast gearshifts, which although brilliant has been improved even further in 360 and 430 models.

Here is a dash reconstruction we are doing.

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