Thursday, January 2, 2014

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With Spring cleaning right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about cleaning the interior of your car after the long Winter. One of the areas most people don’t even think to clean is their car’s headliner. Often times cars will go years without getting it cleaned, and that’s a shame given how easy it is to keep up. Whether you’ve got light stains or just a plain old dull headliner, follow these simple steps to brightening up your interior headliner.

All you’ll need to clean your car’s headliner is a microfiber towel, interior cleaning product, and possibly some detailing stix. Most interior cleaning products are made to tackle organic messes (food, dirt, etc.), so if your headliner has greasy or oily spots, using an interior degreaser is a better way to go. Knowing the source of the mess is the best way to clean the surface properly. A key thing to remember when cleaning your headliner is to be gentle. In most cars, because nobody is sitting or stepping on the headliner, it will be made of a softer and easily damaged upholstery. No matter, as long as you stay away from using brushes and vacuums on the sensitive surface you’ll be fine. Next comes the fun…
Spray your cleaner or degreaser on the microfiber towel, then gently dab and wipe the headliner clean. Don’t forget to get sun visors, around lights and sensors (be careful not to allow moisture to come in contact with sensors), and any kind of storage system your car may provide. After cleaning, be sure you’ve not over-saturated any particular area – if it looks like you have, just continue to dab the area with the dry side of your microfiber towel and you’ll be good to go!
by James Detmer

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