Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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The VW Bus has become more and more popular. As these wonderful vehicles are being resurrected the new owners are challenged with the every leaking sunroof. We are just starting a project on this car and will keep you posted. 

In the meantime enjoy some nostalgia.

Most boomers identify the "Age of Aquarius" with long, flowing hair and skirts; bulbous lettering; brilliantly colored flowers and peace signs; bold "Make love, not war" signs; and grooving, cruising and toking anti-establishment gatherings.
Having served as home to every one of these period emblems and events, the VW bus captures the era’s let-it-all-hang-out, what-you-see-is-what-you-get essence like no other vehicle can.
It also represents a cool anti-tech quality at a time when no one but engineers and highly trained mechanics can fathom what lurks beneath the hood of a car. Today, the vintage buses are cherished as much for their uncomplicated innards, frequent breakdowns and the unquiet chug of their motors as their bold paint jobs.

The VW bus punches boomer nostalgia buttons hard, but it seems that the obsessive love we have for it has also spread to the next generation. A new documentary, Circle the Wagen, captures the ongoing fixation through an adult kid named Dave and an entire subculture of like-minded aficionados.
Clubs and societies centered on the affection VW bus owners have for their rides as well as their repair and spare-part needs are rampant; this film gets to the heart of the quirky community of devotees.
Another recent documentary, The Bus, speaks to the vehicle’s anthropomorphic qualities and the close bonds owners forge with their rides. They even give names to their VWs.

“They have a little face — a little nose and eyes, a smile bumper, kind of an innate character that’s almost human,” an avid owner points out in the movie trailer. But he’s quick to add that failure is also one of the VW bus' human-like characteristics.

Writer Brendan Busse describes the vehicle as a spiritual touchstone. “I have to say that the stubborn inefficiencies and minor mechanical failures of that simple machine delivered more moments of insight and soul searching than I can here recount," he says. "In a VW bus you learn a lot of patience; you learn about the relativity of time; you learn to sit still and enjoy the ride.”

by Donna Sapolin

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