Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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A interior and Convertible top restoration

Chrysler introduced the Town and Country line for their post-war selection, featuring sedans and convertibles. This body style was the most memorable of all the Chryslers with its name coming from the combination of the steel front end representing 'Town' and the wood paneled rear portion resembling 'Country.'

The convertible was the most favoured of the Town and Country line with 8,368 sold. In 1948, the price tag showed $3,395. The body was framed with white ash (adding structural rigidity to the doors and deck lid), fitted with interlocking miters, and varnished to perfection. Mahogany veneer plywood filled the spaces within the framing. The Town and Country convertible was built on a C-39 chassis with 127.5 inch wheelbase. It featured a Spitfire Straight Eight, 323.5 cubic-inch engine developing 135 horsepower coupled to a fluid drive transmission.

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