Thursday, February 27, 2014

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New interior project on a Porche 911T

Porsche 911 S, 911 T, and 911 L:

In 1966, the Porsche 911 S "sporting" edition became available in Europe, with 160 bhp and a 140-mph top speed. It was the first 911 to have 5-spoke Fuchs alloys, and it had a distinctive red-painted cooling shroud on the engine. But it didn't meet U.S. emissions standards, and was only available in the States as a detuned '67 model.
Instead, the U.S. got the 130-hp 1966 911 L for "luxe." In 1969, the 911 S was back in the U.S., along with the 911T for "touring" and 911 E for "einspritzung." That's German for "fuel-injected." The Touring edition was the base model with 110 hp, while the 911 E had 140 hp.
by Kristen hall-Geisler

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