Friday, February 14, 2014

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Ferrari Daytona Trunk Restoration

The 365 Daytona is generally regarded as one of Ferrari's greatest ever GT's. A combination of enormous performance, stunning Pininfarina bodywork and its place in history as the last front-engined Ferrari GT that Fiat had no hand. Therefore it occupies a special place in Maranello history. The press in recognition of the prancing horse’s stunning 1-2-3 victory unofficially conjured up the world famous Daytona name at 1967's Daytona 24 Hours. Rumors persist that Ferrari was actually intending to name their new model as such but for some reason they never officially used this evocative title themselves.

A top speed of 175mph and zero to sixty-sprint time of 5.3 seconds were enough to eclipse every other manufacturer, even Lamborghini. Meanwhile, as had become normal practice since the mid fifties, Ferrari commissioned Turinese carrozzeria Pininfarina to design the Daytona's bodywork. Exuding power from every angle, the Daytona remains one of the most jaw-dropping post war GT's to this day. Panels were fabricated by Scaglietti of Modena who used hand-formed and hammer-welded small sections of steel for everything other than the doors, bonnet and boot lid, these being light alloy.


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